3 Great Winter Woodworking Ideas

With the weather turning cold and outside activities cut to a minimum now is a perfect time to start working on a home project that you can do in your garage or basement. If you have been wanting to start a home project and just need a few good woodworking ideas for inspiration here are three you might want to try. These are woodworking projects that you can build at home in an afternoon or a weekend that are relatively simple and low-cost.

Chests and storage boxes can be a simple and fun project to try. Depending on the design, you can build a chest or box fairly easily. It’s basically four sides a bottom and a top. The sides and bottom can be put together with the various types of woodworking joints such as the butt joint, miter joint or lap joint then fastened together with glue, screws or nails. The type of wood you want to use can range from softwoods like pine or hardwoods like oak to cabinet grade plywood. Plywood is a good choice, it is relatively inexpensive and doesn’t warp or cup like lumber. A toy box for your kid’s room or a blanket chest are just a few you may want to consider.

Adirondack Chairs are another easy project that you may want to try. The Adirondack chair is a fairly simple design and relatively easy to build. With Just a few basic tools and a good set of plans you can build a set of these chairs in an afternoon. This outdoor chair should be built with lumber that is resistant to rot and insects. cedar, cypress or pine are some of the more popular lumber used for the Adirondack Chair. Pressure treated pine is an economical lumber choice for this outdoor chair. It can be sanded smooth to be splinter free and holds up well for many years in harsh outdoor weather conditions.

Building a desk is a great woodworking idea that can add functionality to any space in your home. A simple desk design can usually be completed in a weekend from start to finish. One of the easier desks to build is a computer desk. The simple computer desk does not use drawers and has an elevated top shelf above the main desk top for the monitor and additional storage. This desk can be built from cabinet grade plywood and 2×4 lumber some designs even have the main top slightly angled for a more ergonomic design. It can either be painted or stained to suit your taste or room decor. To ensure that you get the best possible result be sure to get a good set of computer desk plans before you start. There are many computer desk plans available online, you might even find some free plans that suit your needs.

Clay Wilkerson is a do it yourself craftsman and Woodworking enthusiast. He hopes to inspire you to build your project with a few simple Woodworking ideas [http://woodworkingplanscenter.com/desk]. For more information you can visit [http://woodworkingplanscenter.com]. Go build something!

7 Step By Step Tips – How To Choose The Best Garden Shed Designs

If you want to build a DIY shed in your backyard, then this article gives you step by step tips on selecting from the nearly limitless variations of garden shed designs available. You can find the perfect one to fit the reasons you need it. But first, decide what your shed is for, then answer these pre-planning questions.

  • Will you use it for garden tools and supplies?
  • For overflow you want out of sight?
  • Storage for tools?
  • A workshop for your hobbies?
  • And what about size? Will a small storage shed do, or something grander?

Now that you have figured out what you need and why –

7 Tips to help you choose the right garden shed design.

1) Decide if you want to build your own shed yourself instead of buying a ready-built shed. Obviously a ready-built shed is faster, but it can cost more, and it limits you to someone else’s design. What’s great about using your own garden shed plan is that you have control.

2) Work out the volume of what you plan to store in your shed and what you want the space for. Don’t skimp on size; you’ll only regret it later. The secret to getting what you want is to choose a well-designed garden shed plan. But however good your plan is, expect challenges and problems. Then when they come you wont’ be.

3) Give yourself plenty of time to build your shed and don’t rush it. This way, you maker fewer mistakes.

4) Make a list of all of the tools, parts and equipment you need to complete your project. Measure twice, cut ONCE.

5) Remember, follow the shed instructions always. They’ve already gone to the trouble to troubleshoot all the problems and work out the design.

6) Many garden shed designs show wide doorways, either one large door, but usually two. This makes it great to move items such as mowers in and out. Apart from wide doors, many designs show cupolas and windows for better light and ventilation.

7) Garden sheds usually incorporate shelves for storing pots, garden and yard tools. You can even put in potting benches. Extras such as drawers and bins for storage of small hand tools, gloves, etc are really useful.

Garden shed designs don’t have to be boring or unimaginative. It’s easy to personalize the final look with a some paint and a few finishing touches. With a little elbow grease, you can build yourself a shed that compliments your home and yard, and enriches the value of your home,.

If you have a good resource, it’ll be easy to find just the shed to suit your exact needs. Get thousands of garden shed designs [http://yardshed.net/articles/] here, already perfected and tested. Click to get access now and you can get started this weekend. Yard Shed [http://yardshed.net/articles/resources/get-thousands-of-shed-plans/].

10 Uses for Duct Tape

Duct tape has for a long time been the go-to adhesive for quick fixes, repairs, jobs and handy aid for nearing 100 years! Duct Tape also commonly known as Duck tape is made up of three layers, the first being a plastic top layer, followed by a mesh fabric along the inner layer and finally the rubber-based adhesive layer. The simple yet strong and reliable design of duct tape has found its way into almost every toolbox worldwide! Tare able by hand, quick to apply, easy to remove, its strong and flexibility. So without anymore to do, 10 uses box common and uncommon found for duck tape the world over!

1. Car Repairs

You’ve most likely seen it sometime in your life a car with driving around with its bumper covered in tape. It’s just one of the uses tape can be used for on vehicles, its sticky and strong formula makes it hold under pressure where other adhesives wouldn’t. Perfect for a quick patch up job while you wait for the repair shop!

2. Damaged Furniture

At some point in life (specially with a lot of lower quality furniture being made), furniture is bound to break. The strong bounding nature will easily hold together a table leg, or chair back while you wait for the replacement or full repair. Simply wrap the tape around the leg a few times and bingo! It will hold until the repairs come.

3. Storm Protection

It’s something we all wish never to happen to us. A storm, or hurricane hits your area causing untold damage. Glass windows covered with duct tape diagonally will hold under more pressure, keeping you safe from flying glass. It could just be a lifesaver!


You’ve most likely seen the movie Apollo 13 staring Tom Hanks, where the astronauts are left in trouble. Well, it’s based upon a true story! Thanks to the use of
http://www.flowstrip.co.uk/catalogsearch/result/?q=duct+tape&submit.x=0&submit.y=0″>duct tape the astronauts was able to repair their shuttle and return home. NASA has always made sure their astronauts have onboard tape every shuttle launch since 1966!

5. Vacuum Repair

So you are vacuuming and all of a sudden the hose punctures and you are left stranded. Not to worry, wrap tape around the puncture a few times making sure its completely covered over the hole and within seconds you are back and ready to go!

6. Curtain Patch Up

Your curtain tears accidentally! Usually it will take hours to sew back together or you could spend more time completely replacing it and money. Or, you can flatten the curtain, place a strip of duct tape along the back where the repair is, and the job is done! You can also fold up the hem if the curtain is too long in the same manner.

7. First Aid Kits

Duct tape has been long used in the military, every since the Second World War. Its naturally strong bond and ease of use can make it a vital part of a first aid kit. Perfect for bandaging an open wound of forming a brace, it could just save lives!

8. Wallet Repair and Creation

Tear in your wallet? A simple strip of duct tape will hold it together and keep your important cards and precious money safe! You can also create a reliable strong wallet from duct tape; just
http://www.instructables.com/id/Quality-Duct-Tape-Wallet-with-optional-Change-Po/”>click here to find out how!

9. Show Curtain Patch Up

Just like the curtain repair you can do the same here! Or if the shower curtain has falling of the roller simply feed a strip of duct tape through the hold and then around the beam. Most duct tape is waterproof so there should be no issues with the tape losing.

10. Waterproofing

As stated above, most duct tape is waterproof; it can come in many different kinds of specifications. When it comes to waterproofing the list of uses is endless, hole in your umbrella? Use a strip of tape. A gap in your cars window sealant? Use a strip of tape! Hole in the bottom of your shoe on a damp day? Tape tape tape!

We could go on for hours about the uses of duct tape, it really is only limited to your imagination and handy work. So next time you are out, put a roll of duct tape on your list to buy. It could just save you money, time and perhaps even a life!

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10 Tips to Beat Summer Heat

If you live in a city where temperature and humidity combine to create uncomfortable heat or if you live in one of the hot areas of the country where temperatures climb to well over 100 degrees daily, you want to stay both safe and comfortable. Here are 10 tips that might help.

  • Alter your pattern of exercise. Take advantage of the cooler early morning or late evening temperatures if you exercise outdoors. If you can’t change the time of your workout, consider joining an air conditioned gym. If none of those work, do fewer minutes, walk instead or run or use some other means to decrease you level of exertion.
  • Change the way you dress. Loose fitting, light colored clothing will keep you cooler. Cotton clothing is cooler than synthetics. Planning a day in the sun? Think about clothing that protects you from the sun – especially for children.
  • Use fans. Even if your home is air conditioned turning on fans for ceiling fans will make your home feel cooler as the air circulates.
  • Keep plastic water bottles in the freezer. Then, just grab and go. As they thaw, you’ll have a cold, refreshing drink.
  • Hydrate, hydrate hydrate. Speaking of water, you can’t drink too much of it. Avoid caffeine and alcohol as they promote dehydration. Stick to water or sports drinks or other sources of electrolytes.
  • Put your lotions in the frig. That’s right – think about storing lotions and cosmetic toners in the refrigerator. They’re perfect for hot, tired feet
  • Change you eating habits. Instead of hot foods, try lighter summer fare and have small meals or snacks more frequently. Cool fruit should be a summer favorite. You’ll feel lighter and cooler and you don’t have to stand by a hot stove.
  • Cool your head to cool your body. If you’re outside exercising, take off your cap, put a little cold water in it and quickly invert it back on your head. Refreshing!
  • Be especially careful to guard babies and the elderly from overheating. They will dehydrate easily and are more susceptible to heat-related illness. Make sure they’re cool and comfortable.
  • Get your house ready for the summer. Clean blinds and shades and plan on using them. Keep your home a little dimmer and cooler. Have your air conditioning service done by a pro so you know it can keep up with the summer heat and you can avoid a breakdown on a hot summer day. Be sure to keep the A/C filters clean by changing them once a month so your air conditioning unit runs at its peak efficiency.

Summer sun can be delightful – or just plain, dreadfully hot. Be sun smart. If the heat is intolerable, stay indoors.

A graduate in Marketing and Sociology, Chad is a writer at heart. Writing allows him to utilize his skills honed by years of experience. He writes for Ace Home
http://www.acehomeaz.com/”>Air Conditioning Service Phoenix and
Plumbing Contractor Phoenix Company. Contact them at 602-926-1280 for same day on-site service.

3 DIY Solar Projects to Reduce Your Electric Bills Today

Home solar power systems have become a great renewable energy alternative. Unlike fossil fuels, such as coal or oil, solar power is freely available and can provide sufficient electricity to people wherever the sun shines. So as long as the sun is shining, your home solar power system will be producing electricity for you and saving you money for many years.

If you have researched solar power in the past and decided to pass on installing solar because of the cost, then you should check into solar again. You will be surprised on what you will find this time. Federal government and many state and local agencies offer significant tax breaks to install solar power systems in your home. These incentives alone will reduce your initial investment and make the system more affordable.

Doing the project yourself with a solar home kit will cost you far less money than professionally installed systems. You can convert any type of home or business into one that creates electricity from solar energy.

For many do-it-yourself-ers, the world of solar energy is untapped because most people are unaware of what things are possible with solar energy. Let’s discuss three of these Solar Projects that a person who likes to do it yourself might consider tackling:

1. Solar Panels

Solar panels are a very popular project for people that like to do it themselves. Not only are they one of the most efficient ways to save on electricity, but also solar power is a reliable form of renewable energy that does not emit harmful by-product likes traditional energy production.

Solar cells, also referred to as photovoltaic cells (photo=light, voltaic=of or producing electricity), are grouped and connected together in a single frame called a panel. These panels are a great way to collect sunlight and convert it to energy that can be used for electricity.

Thanks to technology it is much easier to build your own solar panel. In addition there are several guides available to help you with this process. Be sure to do your research and choose a reputable DIY guide that clearly illustrates how to build your own solar panel.

2. Solar Water Heaters

Every household enjoys hot water but did you know that approximately 30% of all home energy costs are being spent on heating water? Whether you are doing dishes, washing clothes, taking a bath, or just washing your hands, when you turn on the water you expect hot water to be available. A lot of energy is required for a water heater to supply a household with hot water, which makes your monthly bill costly.

A solution to reduce your expenses related to keeping your water hot would be to install a Solar Water Heater. No special tools are needed and with a basic understanding of wiring and plumbing connections, you can do this project yourself.

A quality DIY manual that gives you each step by step process of how to build and install this system is needed.

3. Solar Air Heaters

Do you notice the cost to heat your home rising every winter? Since the sun provides heat all year round, let us explore how you can take advantage of it during the cold days of winter.

Using solar thermal technology, a solar air heater produces heat from the sun so your heating system does not have to operate as often during the day. Supplementing your existing heating system with solar air heating will dramatically reduce your heating costs by as much as 30%.

Many people have developed DIY guides that show various distinctive ways of building solar heaters, and although their materials and methods are different, the results are the same: a successful and fully-functional solar heater.

Adding solar energy alternatives into your home design is not a difficult process at all using DIY guides. Each of these projects can be completed separately. Give it a try. Chances are you might even find that you have fun!

As mentioned above, the most important thing you need is a detailed guide that shows you step by step how to get the required parts and put them together to build your solar project. A well organized guide will help you reduce the amount of time you spend building it and the totally money spent on your project.

For more free information on using solar power to reduce your electric bills, visit [http://www.buildgreenenergy.info/]

10 X 12 Shed Plans – 3 Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Design

10 X 12 shed plans are a very common & popular design for the do it yourself crowd. If this is the size shed you are going to build, here are some important things to consider when choosing your 10 X 12 shed plans.

The first point to consider is whether to go with free plans or to purchase plans. The temptation will be to save money by going with free plans. Resist that temptation at all costs. My experience has been that free plans are worth exactly what you pay for them, nothing. Many of these free plans have unclear or missing instructions & may lack critical measurements or give incorrect measurements. As we will soon see, purchasing good 10 X 12 shed plans will be very inexpensive compared to loss of time if you have to recut your lumber because it was too long, or worst yet, lost materials if your free ones tell you to cut them too short.

Another thing to consider when choosing your 10 X 12 shed plans is what type of foundation you will build on. Regardless of the type you choose, you will want to make sure the ground you are building on is graded properly & well drained. A dirt floor is acceptable for pole barn type construction, but if your shed’s walls are framed it will need to sit on a more solid foundation. If your area is well drained 6 inches of crushed gravel may be sufficient. Raising the shed off the ground with concrete blocks & placing the floor supports on the blocks will keep the shed solid & keep drainage from being a problem. A concrete slab would be the best option, but may be out of the scope of possibility for most do it yourself shed builders. A properly built, level foundation will prevent problems such as doors & windows that don’t open or sagging walls caused by the foundation settling. A good set of plans will help you with your foundation.

A final consideration when choosing your 10 X 12 shed plans is what type of roof you will place on your shed. This is of special importance if you live in an area that gets heavy snowfall. If this is the case a saltbox or gabled roof with a steep pitch will allow the snow to slide off. Snow accumulation can put your shed under thousands of extra pounds of stress. Designing your roof accordingly can help you avoid disaster later. Other popular roof types include the classic Gambrel design, (think of the old barns with the Chew Mail Pouch Tobacco ads painted on them), or the hipped design that recesses the ends of a gable roof to form somewhat of a pyramid shape.

Individual shed plans can be purchased for as little as $9.99 to $29.99 a piece. One disadvantage of individual plans is that one plan may not have all the features you may require. A popular & recent development is digitally delivered plans that offer hundreds or thousands of designs for one low price. The advantage here is that you have more than one plan to consider for only a little more money than an individual plan. These packages often contain plans for many other projects as well, making them even more valuable if you like to take on projects.

The 10 X 12 shed plans [http://www.easydiyshedplans.info] you purchase will have a huge impact on the success of your project.

Find great plans at [http://www.easydiyshedplans.info]. Not only will you receive hundreds of great shed plans, you will get thousands of plans for other DIY projects as well.

About Ryan Henderson’s Woodworking Guide: Commonly Asked Questions

My Shed Plans – it is the new rave among the DIY (do-it-yourself) products currently available in the World Wide Web. It is a comprehensive eBook which includes how-to guides on making woodcraft. It is written by Ryan Henderson who is an accomplished figure in the industry, thus making him qualified in writing the guide. And if you are seeking to know more about his product, then you are in the right place.

Is it for everyone? Some DIY guides tend to have very complicated procedures that they seem to be made for professionals or those with background in the industry. The My Shed Plans on the other hand caters to everyone. It contains 12,000 different design drafts and there are patterns for beginners and professionals alike.

What does the guide include? The guide contains guides on making all sorts of wood works imaginable. You will find guides about the usual things you see at home such as tables, bed, sofas, chairs, cabinets, and shelves. You will also find random stuff like bird house, dog house, play house, and the like. It has almost everything about wood.

Is it easy to understand? Some guides tend to use terminologies and advanced approaches that are simply irreprehensible to many individuals. This is especially true if the person has no background in woodworking at all. That is why Ryan Henderson made his guide very easy to understand. Its step-by-step approach is easy to follow and anyone will learn.

Does it cover the basics for beginners? You may be presented with a well-put blueprint for wooden furniture. But if you do not know the basics of carpentry, you will fail in delivering a finished product that is well-made and properly polished. At best, it could end up as a child’s work. That is why My Shed Plans also includes basic carpenter tips for everyone.

Is it worth my money? Definitely! Yes you will spend for the product but considering how much you will learn, it is a very good bargain. Imagine having in your hands a compilation of 12,000 different blueprints. You could practically start your own woodworking business with that. Of course, that is after you master the craft.

Is it a scam? Ryan Henderson gives a good money-back offer if you are not satisfied of the product. Also, his product has already received a lot of positive comments online. With so many that already purchased it, it has already been proven that the product is real and effective.

So do you now know enough about the eBook titled My Shed Plans? Everything about it is simply cool and reeks with quality. If you want to start in woodworking industry this is the product to buy.

Toby Chalus has been writing articles about home improvements for many years now. His current project focuses on woodworking and all the different plans that can be done by the DIY enthusiast. Take a look at Toby’s latest article about Ryan Henderson [http://houseofwoodworking.com/ryan-henderson/].

5 Top Tips Before Starting Your Wood Craft Project

If your starting a new creative wood craft project there are a few things I would like you to consider first before diving straight in. My first thought is that you have some interest in woodworking or you would not be here reading my advice.

My first bit of advice is quite important, make sure you use a good wood craft plan for your project, then with your plan you can also add other things to enhance your project but I will get to that later.

1.Select the correct wood craft pattern and project for you.

It’s always best to have some sort of idea of what type of project you will be starting, if you don’t you will not know what kind of pattern to look for. Saying that, if you are a bit undecided it also helps looking over different woodworking patterns you can purchase, this may give you inspiration for your project. Once you have made your mind up on the project you wish to do there will be some pointers I can give that will be helpful about the pattern.

When your are ready to choose your desired pattern, make sure you choose one that is best suited to your level and current ability. Many wood craft patterns will supply a rating to give you an idea if it’s suitable for you. Smile ratings like beginner, intermediate and advanced. So try choose a pattern that is best suited. Good patterns will be very detailed in the instructions so look out for simple written guides that leave you scratching your head.

2.Be sure that you choose a pattern with diagrams also a materials list.

There are obvious reasons for choosing a woodworking pattern with diagrams as it’s easier to build what you see, also your more inspired when you can see your project’s end result. Also a good note is to find a pattern with diagrams for every step.

3. It’s best to buy Patterns which include a Parts and Materials list.

It is such a good time saver having your Wood craft plans containing this vital information. Another good reason for this is that your material list needs to be compatible with your project so it’s best to start with the proper tools and materials so you can get the job done first time. Also a good tip is not to scrimp on the quality of your material try get good quality for a great quality finish.

4. The Necessities other than the Pattern

Right so it makes sense to have an easy to follow wood craft pattern as I have mentioned. The next step make sure you have the proper woodworking tools in order to get the best results for project. In the odd case though it’s not always a bad thing to improvise if you do not have the correct tool for a particular segment of the project. In addiction, for safety reasons and also saving you frustration it’s always best to have the right sized working space for your wood craft creation.

5. Last but not least

So your nearly there you have pretty much finished the construction side of your project, now is not the time to stop.The finishing touches are what create the final master piece. There is nothing worse taking away the end results beauty by not finishing your work properly. All wood piece’s require some type of protection, the best protection will be determined by what type of wood craft project you do and what it will be used for and so on. Any major woodworking store or wood smith will be able to advise on the best protection for your piece.

Following all the advice I have given you will not go wrong with any woodworking job you have in mind. If you would like further advice please visit
http://www.diy-woodcraft.info/”>http://www.diy-woodcraft.info also you can receive a discount code for the fantastic woodworking for home Package including 14,000 wood craft patterns. It’s an absolute must for wood crafters.

For over 14,000 wood craft patterns and plans, for in and outside the home Also get even more great advice why not visit DIY Woodcraft [http://www.diy-woodcraft.info/]

3 Reasons to Build a DIY Pergola

When undertaking any DIY project it is important to weigh the pros and cons before starting. Some projects can save you a ton of money buy doing it yourself, while others are probably best to leave up to a professional. A DIY pergola is no different, but there are some distinct advantages to undertaking this project yourself. A pergola is fairly easy to construct with the right plan. Here are a few of the pros of a DIY pergola:

1. Save money by doing it yourself
This is obviously one of the stand out advantages of any project your can do yourself. Contractors can get very pricey when you get them involved! The cost of labor is often times the most expensive area when everything is said and done. By cutting out the middle man you can purchase better materials and design your structure just how you want it.

2. Add value to your home
Any home improvement project should have the value of your home in mind. Increasing the value of your home by adding a pergola you love is a best case scenario. By building a DIY pergola you are able to get a bigger return on your investment. This is due to the lower cost involved if done correctly. When deciding where to build your pergola keep in mind the option that makes the most sense for your home. An “attached” or “free-standing” design are the two options you have. Both can be fairly easy to build with the right plans and will no doubt increase the value of your home.

3. Improve your outdoor area
It is a personal decision on what you want your DIY pergola to accomplish. Some build it for their garden, others for their pool or hot tub, and others for their patio or grilling area. Whatever the case, a pergola can improve the look of your outdoor space and make it more functional. Improve your garden, add a little shade while you flip some burgers, or just have a nice place to relax in the hot tub!

Learn more about how to build a DIY Pergola [http://www.diypergola.net]

Visit www.DIYPergola.net [http://www.diypergola.net]

3 Reasons You Should Use Woodworking Project Plans

Ever consider you might use woodworking project plans and improve your carpentry skills? A number of people have actually done that. Almost all never take steps in making their dream a real possibility. Many get tangled up within the doubts and negatives, because of this they never get to take advantage of the positives.

Let’s just hold on here now. We took on a big dose of negatives first in the lead paragraph. Let’s consider three reasons why you should use woodworking plans to assist you in your project and help you achieve maximum success when it comes to constructing something new from wood.

Firstly, on the positive side, allow me to point out that by careful planning you will achieve your desired result. O.K., I hear your objection, that I havnt got time to plan. It is a valid objection, I agree. However, allow me to provide for your attention the point that by using a decent set of plans will save you time allowing you to concentrate on your project..

Secondly, you truly should consider that having everything laid out for you will save you heaps of money. And, likewise, energy, as less trips required to the hardware store plus, better yet, all measurements and amounts of materials are all included.

Third and lastly, you will get to admire your finished project, which will mean that you can show all your friends and family, who will no doubt be impressed with your carpentry skills. You might even be able to share some helpful tips with them.

Within all of the above info lies a pretty good set of reasons in favor of using plans to help you when considering a woodworking project and by believing in yourself will ensure you get the job done to a high standard. What do You think?

You carpentry skills will shoot through the roof if you use woodworking project plans [http://www.topwoodworkingplans.info]. Get them now by visiting [http://www.topwoodworkingplans.info].