About Hardwood Veneer

Hardwood veneer is a wood product that comes from trees classified as angiosperms. Hardwood comes from trees that lose their leaves in the winter. Softwoods come from trees like holly and pine that do not lose their leaves. Hardwoods are distinctive because of its pores and vessels that vary widely in size, structure and shape.

Hardwoods are highly valued for their beauty, durability and quality. These types of wood develop unique and rich grains with striking colors, and can be very expensive. The hardwood veneer demand is very high, because it is much more affordable and retains some of the benefits that are seen with solid hardwood.

Veneers are basically thin strips of wood applied to less expensive products including plywood, MDF board, particleboard, along with other products. This gives the beautiful look of hardwood to the building or improvement projects while also keeping the cost down.

Cherry, oak, maple, mahogany, and birch are a few of the most popular types of hardwood veneers. Veneer uses vary widely including flooring, counters, cabinets, furniture, and paneling. Veneers are made by cutting a thin layer of wood from the tree. The angle of the cut determines the look of the veneer. There are also many different ways to cut veneer that give distinctive looks such as, rotary cut, plain sliced, rift sliced, half round sliced, quarter sliced as well as others.

There are several types of veneers which show grain patterns in different ways. Whole piece veneers are cut using the rotary process, and result in continuous pieces of veneer. Slip matched veneers are made by laying out each strip side by side, producing a repetitive pattern. Spliced veneers are made up of several pieces glued together. The way the pieces are laid out will determine the final appearance. Book matched veneers are made by having each strip side by side, with every other piece turned over.

Hardwood veneer is an excellent choice for adding a striking appearance to any wood working project, especially if you are looking for cost effective ways to maintain the look of hardwoods.

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