A Bit About Cold Frames and Cold Frame Plans

Cold frame plans are inexpensive to implement and can be a very beneficial addition to your garden. The main purpose of such a structure is to extend the growing season, thus providing the possibility of a higher yield for your effort. With this method of gardening, the growing season can be started earlier and extended longer without the fear of the elements hindering your growing efforts.

Historically, cold frame plans were typically put into use outside of green houses. You may be able to recall at one time seeing one sitting on the side of a green house that looks like it might be a small tool box or perhaps even a miniature green house. The idea was that seedlings grown in the greenhouse would be later moved to the cold frame to help them get acclimated to the elements. This would prevent the plants from going into shock when they were finally planted elsewhere. Though this way seem like a lot of work for your effort, it is highly effective and beneficial.

Once you build one with cold frame plans, it should be placed in a spot where there is a lot of sunlight. This will help to keep the box warm during the colder months without any additional effort on your part. Face the lower side towards the South, if possible. If you cannot face it towards the South, the next best direction to face it would be towards the West. In extremely cold conditions, it can be covered with a blanket or tarp. This will help to keep some of the cold out and help maintain a warmer climate within the box.

Implementing a set of cold frame plans can make a great addition to any garden, especially for the avid gardener. Once it is built you can enjoy its bountiful benefits for years to come. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to extend your growing season.

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