9 High Impact Stair Safety Tips

Stairs are high traffic areas and fairly dangerous. Many people fall and are seriously injured every year. Many of these falls are avoidable with some simple safety practices. You do not want to become a statistic. Here are nine important safety tips for stairs.

1) The most important tip is to be aware as you are ascending or descending. Simply pay attention! Watch where you step and be careful or debris, children’s toys, other people and animals, and anything else that may be in the way, that you may inadvertently step on, or that may bump you. Just paying attention will greatly reduce the number of accidents

2) If it’s dark and there are lights, simply turn them on. If you can’t see well it is more hazardous. You won’t see that toy or branch for example.

3) Do not carry too much. Instead make multiple trips, whether you are carrying laundry, groceries, or anything else. If you are overloaded you may be unsteady and will not be able to see well either.

4) Use the handrail if there is one. Anyone can slip including you! Handrails are not just for the elderly.

5) Do not use your stairs as storage space. Far too many people store things on their stairs almost as though they are a closet. Although having a few objects on the stairs that are intended to go up or down on the next trip may be OK, too many people have lots of junk stored on their stairs.

6) Replace any lightbulbs that burn out. Good lighting is important for safety, and light bulbs are inexpensive.

7) If the lighting is not sufficient, add more lighting. In some areas always on lighting may be appropriate for safety. In others, perhaps lights installed with motion detectors may be more appropriate. An electrician is well worth their modest cost.

8) Regularly remove and debris and other stuff that may accumulate. This includes snow, ice, dirt, leaves, branches, and anything else that may be in someone’s way or that may cause them to trip or slip. This applies mostly, but not entirely, to outdoor stairs. Some times of the year may require cleaning the stairs far more often than others.

9) Regularly check the state of stairs, handrails, etc. Maintenance is often required and should be performed promptly. Maintenance should be preventative and not just performed when absolutely necessary.

These 9 simple tips can prevent an awful lot of accidents!

Much more safety information is available at
http://www.squidoo.com/rubber-stair-treads”>Stair Safety and Rubber Stair Treads [http://rubberstairtreads.net/]. A little planning and thinking may prevent a major accident!