9 Basic Steps to Construct Your Own Wall Pocket As Wall Decor

Are you a fan of Do-It-Yourself projects? They can save you money. They are fun to do. They can give you that same feeling of accomplishment that you had when you tied your first shoelaces. In the wide world of home decor, you can create several pieces on your own including wall decor. Here are some basic steps to follow, in order to create your own wall pocket:

Step 1: Secure your materials

For this project, you will need:

– bud vase

– drill bit (metal-cutting)

– electric drill

– floral wire

– safety gloves

– tin snips

– vintage ceiling tile (2)

– wire cutters

Step 2: Cut one ceiling tile

You can use the entire ceiling tile if you want. Another option is to cut it down to a smaller size. It is your call!

Step 3: Drill a hole in the tile

This should be from the top of the tile, and the hole should go completely through it. Make sure to wear safety gloves!

Step 4: Curve the second vintage ceiling tile into a tube

This curved ceiling tile will serve as the front of the wall pocket. Make sure to wear the safety gloves. Remember that one alternative to creating your own wall pocket is to purchase quality metal wall vases.

Step 5: Drill holes into the curved ceiling tile

The holes should go into both the sides and bottom of the tile. Make the holes near the perimeter, and roughly ¼ inches in from the

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