7 Things To Think About Before Using 8 X 10 Shed Plans To Build A Storage Shed

Whether you’re a newbie or a pro at building storage sheds, getting and keeping things well organized will save you a lot of headaches. It’ll also make sure your shed project comes to a successful conclusion, leaving you with fond memories of a job well done.

The way to ensure this is to go down a checklist of crucial questions to make sure that nothing is left to chance. So let’s compile our checklist, shall we?

1. What is the main reason for building a shed?

Failure to answer this question invariably results in a shed that is too small! Items that may be candidates for storage include tools for working on your car, garden tools, home maintenance tools and yard care tools, such as a lawn mower and hedge trimmers to name just a few.

Ah! But did you know that your children may have plans to store their bikes in that shed too? And what about their skateboards and the ATV? And don’t forget those items your wife had left over from the last garage sale. You get the idea. Really brainstorm this question and get your family to pitch in.

2. What Size Will The Shed Be?

With the reason for building the shed clear in mind, you are in a position to estimate the size. This is a good time to be generous as your need for storage will increase as time passes.

While 8 X 10 Shed Plans are a popular size, it is better not to limit yourself to what’s popular but get the size you need for your family’s storage needs over the long term.

3. What will be the best location for your storage shed?

Selecting a location for your shed is an important step. Your local zoning ordinances may have a direct bearing on the location. However, as a practical matter, you want to have ready and convenient access to it. Therefore the location of the doors and the path leading up to it must be carefully thought out.

You should also give thought to how it will fit in with your landscaping, whether it will be visible from the street, will its foundation will be affected by the roots of growing trees and a host of other possibilities. The key here is to be thorough in your planning. This is also a good opportunity to consider water runoff.

4. How will the shed be affected by climate?

Here, you want to consider the effects of heat, cold and humidity not only on the structure of the shed but also on its contents. Are there items that can be damaged by water? In that case give thought to applying adequate waterproofing. If temperatures can become excessive during the summertime, can this cause damage to valuable property? What ventilation needs are there?

If extreme cold is anticipated, might you need to provide some heating and possibly installation?

5. Does the local building department require you to obtain a building permit?

A telephone call or visit to your local building department should help you decide what is required in this area. Checking their website may answer some of your questions. If a permit is required, there is usually a charge for it as well as a need for inspection at the completion of your project.

Cooperation with your local building department is a good idea as they have in mind neighborhood safety as well as maintaining good appearance in the area. And don’t forget to check the Home Owners’ Association rules if you have one.

6. What will it cost?

Unless you have unlimited funds and money is no object this is a practical question to consider. Typically, only after the above basic planning and design are completed will you really be in a position to calculate the total expense of your shed. Of course, you will first need to decide what shed plans to use and this in turn will determine the actual materials and finally the actual cost.

7. How to get shed plans for your project

Whether you’re looking for 8 X 10 Shed Plans or any other size, you will find a large supply of many different designs by searching on the Internet. All you have to do is type into the search engine “8 X 10 shed plans”, without the quotes, and you will have access to an almost unlimited supply of plans. Make sure that the set of plans you select contains a comprehensive materials list.

To maintain the fine appearance of your property you will want to select a shed design that coordinates nicely with the style of your home. In addition to style, color scheme and materials are important concerns.

And don’t forget to check with your property insurance company regarding coverage for the contents of the shed and the structure itself.

Use this checklist to avoid frustrations, miscalculations and disappointments and your storage shed project will be a successful one.

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