7 Step By Step Tips – How To Choose The Best Garden Shed Designs

If you want to build a DIY shed in your backyard, then this article gives you step by step tips on selecting from the nearly limitless variations of garden shed designs available. You can find the perfect one to fit the reasons you need it. But first, decide what your shed is for, then answer these pre-planning questions.

  • Will you use it for garden tools and supplies?
  • For overflow you want out of sight?
  • Storage for tools?
  • A workshop for your hobbies?
  • And what about size? Will a small storage shed do, or something grander?

Now that you have figured out what you need and why –

7 Tips to help you choose the right garden shed design.

1) Decide if you want to build your own shed yourself instead of buying a ready-built shed. Obviously a ready-built shed is faster, but it can cost more, and it limits you to someone else’s design. What’s great about using your own garden shed plan is that you have control.

2) Work out the volume of what you plan to store in your shed and what you want the space for. Don’t skimp on size; you’ll only regret it later. The secret to getting what you want is to choose a well-designed garden shed plan. But however good your plan is, expect challenges and problems. Then when they come you wont’ be.

3) Give yourself plenty of time to build your shed and don’t rush it. This way, you maker fewer mistakes.

4) Make a list of all of the tools, parts and equipment you need to complete your project. Measure twice, cut ONCE.

5) Remember, follow the shed instructions always. They’ve already gone to the trouble to troubleshoot all the problems and work out the design.

6) Many garden shed designs show wide doorways, either one large door, but usually two. This makes it great to move items such as mowers in and out. Apart from wide doors, many designs show cupolas and windows for better light and ventilation.

7) Garden sheds usually incorporate shelves for storing pots, garden and yard tools. You can even put in potting benches. Extras such as drawers and bins for storage of small hand tools, gloves, etc are really useful.

Garden shed designs don’t have to be boring or unimaginative. It’s easy to personalize the final look with a some paint and a few finishing touches. With a little elbow grease, you can build yourself a shed that compliments your home and yard, and enriches the value of your home,.

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