7 of the Best Woodworking Ideas & Plans to Start During the Holidays

If you have been browsing around your local home improvement store or craft shop then you have probably noticed some great woodworking plans. Problem is, there is so many to choose from, how do you decide what to do?

Well you can narrow down your choices if you decide what season you would like your project to represent. Here are a few suggestions of projects that you may want to try your hand at for the different seasons.

1. Flower holders and Planters

As soon as spring rolls around most of us seem to develop “spring fever”. We’re anxious to get outdoors and start working on those gardens.. So why not go find yourself a few neat plans to build some flower holders and planters.

2. Outdoor summer décor.

Its nice to have all the landscaping done, and the garden furniture in place. If you have some spare time on your hands, now is the ideal time to take on one of those projects you have been thinking about all winter. Like the fort you promised to build the boys, or maybe the playhouse your daughter has been begging for. Better still do both. Visit your local craft store and just review all of woodworking patterns they have to offer for both the forts and the playhouse. Choose one that’s going to fit your needs.

3. Garden Décor

If you look around some of the local improvement stores you will see tons of whimsical garden decorations. Problem is everyone in the neighborhood has the same thing. Why not be unique. Start a project and make your decorations, instead of having the usual plastic or cement ones.. Be creative and original. Gnomes made from wood, or even a few woodland animals would be perfect.

4. Fall Decor

Before you know it the leaves are hitting the ground, and those summer breezes that were once warm and inviting have become a bit nippy. So why not perk up your landscaping with some fall décor. After all a nice big fat turkey (a wood one of course) sitting along side your fence would create some interest. Then there’s Halloween where you can just let your imagination run a bit wild here.

5. Fall is the perfect time to go ahead and build that compost box you have been talking about. Especially now that you have all the fallen leaves to find a home for. You are going to want to find woodworking plans that will apply to the size of the area you have available.

Winter Woes

6. Now that the snow has presented itself, you are back to cleaning that mucky mess at the back entrance, and of course tripping over the boots. You have decided that something has to be done about this. Great! Go grab yourself some plans and start building that boot rack that is going to solve all these problems.

7. Have you ever admired those lifelike reindeer standing out in the snow? Yes the ones made from wood. What an ideal project to fulfill two ideas at once. The reindeer add just a bit of color and interest during the winter months. So you have some nice outdoor winter décor. Then at Christmas just tie a big red bow around their necks and there’s part of your Christmas decorating all taken care of.

No matter which of these projects you decide to take on do yourself a favor. Go and check out all of the woodworking plans at your favorite store. They are all simple projects but still require some step by step direction.

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