7 Crucial Pieces of Greenhouse Plans

Greenhouse building plans are the place you begin. These plans give you all the information you need to start putting your greenhouse together. Without a plan, you are just guessing. Plans usually come with standard information included. Getting familiar with these bits of information can make your planning and purchasing much easier and clearer. Where do you start?

Materials – Any good plan will include a list of materials. Materials are those things you use to construct the greenhouse. A good plan will give you a list of everything you need to purchase from the foundation up to the rafters. Materials include your foundation, framing, covering, fasteners, and other accessories necessary to put the plan into action.

Foundation – Foundations are everything for any structure, including a personal greenhouse. Without a solid foundation, your greenhouse has nothing to set on. Your plan needs to outline the final dimensions. It will also show how the greenhouse frame will attached to it. Your plan will also provide suggestions for flooring materials.

Walls – Walls provide support for the covering materials as well as the roof. Without the right framing and structure, your greenhouse will not stand the test of time or the elements. Your plans should show all of the uprights and cross members required. It should also provide dimensions for each covering opening.

Roof – The roof requires its own part of the plan. It has unique dimensions and material requirements based on the particular design you choose. You need to follow the plans instructions precisely for the best results. It may require cross bracing or other structure enhancements for areas in high wind or snow levels.

Covering Placement – Once you get the skeleton up, you need to fasten the covering in place. Each panel of glass, fiberglass, or PVC panels requires exact dimensions and individual framing to hold in place. That means your skeleton framing is only the beginning.

Venting – Most plans provide options for venting the interior. That may mean windows that open or adding fans that draw air in or out with the flip of a switch. Your plans should outline the options and materials required. The plan may also provide information on wiring for electric fans

Sealing – All greenhouses require sealing. That may indicate gaskets around windows or using silicone caulk on certain joints. Some plans call for other building materials. Your plan should outline all sealing materials you need and how you need to apply them properly.

Many plans include other pieces. But these are the basics. Without these basics, you do not have a full picture of the final greenhouse your efforts will produce. Start with a plan and continue from there.

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