6 Good Questions To Ask Before Undertaking a Woodworking Project Like Building a Garden Shed

1. Do You Need Woodworking Plans To Work From?

This largely depends on the size and scale of your intended project and your level of experience. It will also depend on whether council permits are required, in which case you will need to work from plans.

2. What Is Your Intended Use For The Shed?

You may initially be thinking your shed will be used to store just the garden equipment. But be realistic. Will it end up storing all your excess bits and pieces from the house and therefore need to be bigger. Make a considered decision on what the shed will really be used for.

3. What Budget Have You Set For This Project?

What size, shape and construction method you choose will largely be determined by your budget. You can either approach it by letting the design you want determine your budget or the budget determine your design. Both are valid, however, unless money is no object, it is important to let the budget you have determine the scale of your project. This will give you some guidelines as to what you are likely to end up spending.

4.Where Is The Best Position For Your Shed?

Always plan the best position for your shed, because you don’t want to have to move it if you get it wrong. It has to be accessible and yet in a position where it doesn’t interfere with other elements of your garden. Often this is an appropriate corner of the garden where it is out of the way, yet accessible.

5. Will a Building Permit Be Required?

It pays to check your local by-laws regarding the building of a shed. You do not want to have the project completed only to find it does not comply with local by-laws. Normally you won’t need a building permit if you stay within a specific size and shed type, but if you have decided to go larger than what’s allowed, you will have to submit your woodworking shed plans for approval.

6.Where Do You Get Woodworking Plans For Building a Shed?

You can have them designed by an architect but the cost of this may well not be justified by the size of the project. You could also use a company that pre-builds the sheds in kit-set form but sometimes the selection is limited. Woodworking plans from the internet are another good source, and these generally come with a good number of other plan options.

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