5 Top Tips For DIY Solar Panels

Let me start this article with a very short story. Two years ago, I discovered how great solar power for homes is and I started studying how to build DIY solar panels. It was extremely difficult for me at that time because I did not have any knowledge about that. But after studying for two weeks, I had built my first functional DIY solar panel.

And now, with my homemade solar power system, I am living completely off-grid, which means that I need not pay for the electric company anymore. Also as I have a rather big-scaled system, the electricity it generates is much more than I need. I sometimes get paid by the electric company because it has to buy my extra electricity by law.

I know you now face the same problem. You want to start a solar power house project but you are overwhelmed. You do not know what to do, where to start. However, this feeling will disappear soon because you will quickly realize it is really just a piece of cake, as long as you get the right instructions.

Before you start the project, there are some considerations for you. No matter you just want to build a solar heating system or a solar electricity system, you first have to calculate how long you will get financial return. It is not worth if you have to wait 10 years to recover the investment although the Earth will thank you because you will be making the world cleaner. To do the calculation, you can just browse the Internet and find some tools that teach you the process.

Below are the five top tips for all homeowners who are ready to start the project.

  • Check if your roof is big enough for the solar panel arrays. Of course, you can also place it in the garden.
  • The place where you pit the solar panels arrays should receive at least six hours sunlight directly. It is pointless to build DIY solar panels for areas with no sunlight.
  • Make sure the trees near your house are not close to the homemade solar panels. You can cut down some of them when necessary but do not overdo it because it is harmful to the environment.
  • Normally you can build the solar panels in just two days so you should schedule you time for the installation beforehand.
  • For safety reason, the closer your solar panel arrays to the wiring area is, the better.

Those 5 tips are the basic of your project and you will need to get some tools to let you build the solar power system fast. First, you have to get a copy of a DIY solar power house guide online. Before you purchase it, make sure it is of high-quality. You can do so by reading some reviews. Second, you have to prepare some simple tools and parts. You may not know what you have to prepare right now but a good DIY solar power house guide will tell you everything about that.

I hope you enjoy my story and the 5 top tips. I am sure that as long as you would invest a week and $50 for the DIY guide, you will be living off-grid quickly as well.

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