5 Tips on Building Your DIY Garden Sheds

1 – The Base –

Start off by laying the floor of the garden shed. The actual base for the shed must be firm and level.

We recommend that you fix the floor to the timber bearers.

2 – Next Step – Sides

Next take the gable end and an end panel, sit them onto the floor, Fix these two parts of the shed together to form one corner.

Add more of the side panels one at a time until you have all four sides attached.

3 – Next step – The roof:

Place the two roof panels on top of the garden shed. Note, if you base is not level you will find that the end of the roof purling will not sit flush to each other.

4 – Next Step – Fixing the roof and sides down.

Now you will need to fix the sides and roof down, Note: At this stage it is important to check that the side panels are running straight.

Look down the side of the garden building to make sure there is no “Dog Legging” if there is simply push panels into correct position before fixing down.

Next put the roof truss in place, fix it up to the ridge first then fix the ends up the underside of the top rails of the side panels. One end at a time.

This make take the application some pressure.

5 – Next step – The felting

This is the final stage to completing your DIY garden shed build. Jobs left, Felting the roof, fixing of the fascia Boards, cover lats and Corner Beads.



To see images with the above article please visit my blog. [http://www.shedsdirect.net/blog/2008/09/02/5-tips-on-diy-garden-sheds]