3 Simple Steps to Building Your Own Home Solar Panels

Years ago, my neighbor started building his own home solar panels, as a way to lower his utility costs. I thought he was very ambitious in his endeavor, but as I watched him work on his project on the weekends, I realized it was not hard to do at all. Through three simple steps and using knowledge he found in an e-Book he purchased on the Internet, he was able to make a dramatic impact on his energy bills, and eventually eliminated his utility costs all together.

1. He first built a water heating system on his roof that would transfer the heat from the warm rays of the sun into tubing that lead to his hot water tank. This simple to build system constantly moves water from his tank to his roof, and back down to the tank. This clever design makes the most use of the sun’s warmth, even on cold days. That simple system slashed his costs by producing all the hot water his family uses.

2. Though instruction from the e-Book he purchased, he then learned how to make solar panels. His fabricated small panel sections are then connected together to generate specific amounts of power he uses in his home. Whenever he had time, he would construct more home solar panels and connect them to his family “electric grid” to increase the amount of energy he could generate each day.

3. As his solar panels system increased, he finally had a system large enough to cover all his electric needs. Because the sun is only up half the time he needs electricity, he designed his “power grid” large enough to generate extra power, which he sells to his local electric company. Using a reverse meter, he sells the extra electricity his system generates during the day, to the electric company, and then buys it back each night. In the summer, with longer days, he is able to sell more of his generated power, and in the winter, he buys more. In the end, it all averages out.

It did not take me long to figure out that I too could make solar panels at a very reasonable costs, with materials that are easy to find. I have completed construction of a “whole house” home solar panels system for my house, and have eliminated my electrical utility bills.

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Timothy Lancester is a committed environmentalist, dedicated to constantly seeking the best online resources for “green-minded” do-it-yourself individuals interested in renewable resource energy [http://diysolarpowersystem.info/solar-panels-for-your-home-are-just-the-start/] systems.