3 Reasons to Build a DIY Pergola

When undertaking any DIY project it is important to weigh the pros and cons before starting. Some projects can save you a ton of money buy doing it yourself, while others are probably best to leave up to a professional. A DIY pergola is no different, but there are some distinct advantages to undertaking this project yourself. A pergola is fairly easy to construct with the right plan. Here are a few of the pros of a DIY pergola:

1. Save money by doing it yourself
This is obviously one of the stand out advantages of any project your can do yourself. Contractors can get very pricey when you get them involved! The cost of labor is often times the most expensive area when everything is said and done. By cutting out the middle man you can purchase better materials and design your structure just how you want it.

2. Add value to your home
Any home improvement project should have the value of your home in mind. Increasing the value of your home by adding a pergola you love is a best case scenario. By building a DIY pergola you are able to get a bigger return on your investment. This is due to the lower cost involved if done correctly. When deciding where to build your pergola keep in mind the option that makes the most sense for your home. An “attached” or “free-standing” design are the two options you have. Both can be fairly easy to build with the right plans and will no doubt increase the value of your home.

3. Improve your outdoor area
It is a personal decision on what you want your DIY pergola to accomplish. Some build it for their garden, others for their pool or hot tub, and others for their patio or grilling area. Whatever the case, a pergola can improve the look of your outdoor space and make it more functional. Improve your garden, add a little shade while you flip some burgers, or just have a nice place to relax in the hot tub!

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