3 Fast and Easy Enhancement to Liven Up Your Bathroom

There are a three fast and easy ways that you can give your entire bathroom a new look. The bathroom is the second most valuable area of your home, the kitchen being the first. Any enhancements to update your bathroom will increase value in your home. Here are the 3 fast and easy enhancements for your bathroom:

1. Replace vanity tops. This is done by turning off the water to the area. Disconnecting the vanity faucet. Removing the vanity top, it is usually glued down to the vanity cabinet. Once removed, replace with a new vanity top. (These are now stock items at any building supply company.) Glue down the top to the existing cabinet. Be sure to put bath and tub caulk around the back and sides to give a clean finished look.

2. Replace the faucet. While you have the old vanity top off, this is when you will want to replace the faucet. It makes it much easier to install with the top turned upside down. Let your water connection hoses hang down to be hooked up at the shutoff valves after you have installed the vanity top.

3. Replace the Toilet. Turn off the water to this area. The toilet is bolted by by two bolts, one on each side of the bowl on the floor. Toilets can be purchased as a whole unite (usually called “Toilets to Go”) from most building supply companies. Once you have removed the bolts, pull the toilet up and over the bolts in the floor. Remove the old wax ring, clean up the area a much as possible. This will ensure a clean seal for the new toilet. Once clean, place a new wax ring around the flange (open hole) in the floor. Set new toilet on top of bolts and press down to the floor. The wax ring is being smashed into the toilet to create a tight seal. Replace the nuts on the bolts and place new covers over the nuts.

Doing just these few things can make a big difference in the entire look of your bathroom. It can give life to any décor or change the entire feel of the room.

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