3 Easy Steps To Making Your Own Wind Chime

Don’t you like the sound of wind chimes when the wind blows? It is so pleasant and pleasing that you can almost forget all about your problems and stress as you sit down on your favourite cushion while listening to them.

If you’re thinking about creating your very own custom wind chimes, here are 3 simple steps you can follow to build one:

Step 1: Decide how your wind chime will look like. Design the pattern, color, width, height and shape. You can use materials such as copper pipes, bamboo, glass and even seashells for making your wind chime.

Step 2: Get all the main ingredients and tools ready first:

Metal / bamboo / glass pipes

Some strong strings

A metal support ring

A clapper made of wood or metal

A pipe cutter

A drill

Step 3: You can start by cutting the longest length of chime first. Tap on the bottom of the pipe to ensure that it produces the tone that you want. Now, drill holes on either side of the chime so that you can run your strings and hang the chime. Make sure the wind chime is not too heavy as you’re going to support it with a ring at the top. Insert the clapper by suspending it with another length of string from the ring into the middle of the chimes and your wind chime is ready to play you so wonderful sounds.

You can learn more about creating your own wind chimes by reading the homemade wind chimes [http://www.windchimes.getwisernow.com/wind-chimes/make-wind-chime.html] article.


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