3 Easy Steps to Assembling Home Solar Power Kits – Dramatically Reduce Your Utility Bills

Removing your house from fossil-fuel generated electricity can be accomplished by assembling and installing home solar power kits. No longer requiring professional construction and installation, any do-it-yourself beginner can easily create a solar power system and reduce or eliminate monthly utility bills. By following a few important steps, you can be well on your way to helping the environment, by reducing your carbon footprint, and saving money on electricity.

Educate Yourself on Free Power –Purchasing a comprehensive e-Book with easy to understand instructions of how to create a “whole house” solar power system, is the first step in a self-sustaining a fuel-independent life. Numerous e-Books contain all the information you will need in how to easily assemble home solar power kits.

Fabricate Solar Voltaic Panels –An entire whole house system is really just a series of solar voltaic systems connected together to create a solar panel system. By solar panelling, or connecting the panels with each other, they collectively add more power to your “house power grid”. By connecting enough of these home solar power kits to each other, you can completely remove yourself from your local electric company power grid.

Create Other Alternative Free Energy –By installing wind power and a water heating system, you can make use of natural renewable resources effecting your home each day. Installing a wind fan, you can generate electricity even on mild breezy days. Unlike solar energy, wind power has the ability to generate power 24 hours a day, as long as there is just the slightest breeze. Even on dark stormy days, windmills are busy at work harnessing power for your use.

Water heating can be accomplished by installing a hot water system on the roof of your home. Using a long series of tubes, water from your tank is moved to the roof to collect the warm rays of the sun (even on cold days). The transfer of heat from the air to the water then allows the hot water to return to the tank for storage until your family needs it. This free source of heat makes efficient use of typically unused power as a way to dramatically reduce your utility bill.

Instructions and information are readily available on how to build or assemble DIY Home Solar [http://diysolarpowersystem.info/] Power Kits. Any do-it-yourself beginner can build and install his or her own solar power system to generate hot water or electricity.

Timothy Lancester is a committed environmentalist, dedicated to constantly seeking the best online resources for “green-minded” do-it-yourself individuals interested in renewable resource energy [http://diysolarpowersystem.info/solar-panels-for-your-home-are-just-the-start/] systems.