7 Secrets Relieved – Building a Backyard Shed Kit

In building a shed out of backyard shed kit, there are few elements you should consider while sitting in your chair and before starting your work. Many people would ask me:” OK, I have decided to build a shed in my backyard now. Where should I start?

Here are few guidelines that will help you in planning your backyard shed kit location:

1. First you should decide what are you going to use the shed for?

2. Is there a need for a building permit? – You can check it with the planning and building office in your area. It would be a waist of effort and money if you will have to destroy it or rebuild it in another location.

3. The position of the sun in your backyard will have a great influence about the ability to use it later. If you are planning a workshop, I would locate it in a shaded place. However, if you are going to use the structure of your backyard shed kit as a greenhouse it may require more sun.

4. Running water in the shed will enlarge it purpose. Workshop will probably will require water. It will be much more economical to plan your shed near water supply instead of running one cross your backyard.

5. I would consider examining having in the shed electricity and maybe a phone line too. Perhaps you could locate building your backyard shed kit close to the phone service.

6. Mud in winter is one decision where you should locate the shed door. To keep it clean it would be a good idea to build it next to a path.

7. If you are planning to build your shed near a wall or a fence you should leave enough space from all sides for the building process and for maintenance. Positioning the construction to close will avoid well maintenance after it completed.

Using a
http://backyard-kits.com/topics/backyard-plans-reviews/”>backyard shed kit would help you plan and construct a better shed.

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1/2 Impact Wrench – Top 3 Picks

Looking for a great 1/2″ impact wrench? Here I will be going over 3 great choices. The NEIKO PRO Dr Twim Hammer, the NEIKO Twin Hammer w/ 2″ Anvil, and the AIRCAT 1100K. I’m not sure what your budget it for buying a new impact wrench, but I do want to caution you that you get what you pay for! If you buy a good one from the start, it’ll be with you for life, where a cheap one won’t be worth the metal you build it from!

The first impact wrench is the NEIKO PRO Dr Twin Hammer at $122.86. The standard specs from the manufacturer are:

– 1/2″ drive

– 800 ft-lb max torque

– 5,500 RPM with no load

– 4.5 CFM air consumption

– 4 Torque Settings (245, 270, 320, 608 ft-lbs)

– 7.95 lbs

This is a great, professional grade, adjustable torque impact wrench. It’s got a lot of torque, and it’s pretty efficient, needing only 4.5 CFM of air. The 4 different torque setting are nice too, but don’t forget that those torque setting are no alternative to a torque wrench. Take your time and do the job right.

The next impact wrench is the NEIKO Twin Hammer w/ 2″ Anvil, going for $122.86. Here are the specs:

– 1/2″ drive

– 500 ft-lb max torque

– 7,000 RPM with no load

– 13 CFM air consumption

– 7.95 lbs

This is the low power wrench of the bunch. But don’t let that fool you, it’s got a good amount of power, and it’ll work on the lug-nuts of your car or light truck with ease.

The one thing you’ll want to be careful about is the air consumption. Make sure your air compressor can handle 13 CFM if you want this wrench.

The last impact wrench is the AIRCAT 1100K, going for $253.96. Here are the specs:

– 1/2″ drive

– 1,100 ft-lb max torque (200-900 ft-lb working torque)

– 9,000 RPM with no load

– 4 CFM air consumption

– 4.5 lbs

The big selling point of this wrench is that it’s significantly quieter than any other impact wrench in its class. It is rated at 86 decibels, and I will say that quantifying sound is kind of a contrived process (it’s all about distance from the source, and direction, etc), but this wrench did seem quieter during use than the other two.

This wrench is also the lightest and the most powerful of the three. It feels solid while you’re using it, but at the same time, it’s made of Kevlar, which just doesn’t have the same feel as steel.

It is a great wrench, and it more powerful and lighter than any of the others here.

Overall, the biggest thing about buying an impact wrench is getting the torque you need. If you’re looking for a wrench for those smaller tasks, the NEIKO Twin Hammer w/ 2″ Anvil is a great choice. If you need a lot of torque, the NEIKO PRO Dr Twin Hammer would be a great addition to your tool box. And if you’re looking for great power, that’s quiet, and light AIRCAT 1100K is the wrench for you!

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3 Reasons Why You Should Recondition Old Batteries

Rechargeable batteries don’t last forever, over time their performance declines. In fact many have a stated number of charge cycles that they can perform before they will need replacing. Before you replace them however, did you know that it may be possible to restore them to their original factory fresh state. So before you throw them away, here are the top three reasons you should recondition old batteries.

1. You will save money. — Rechargeable batteries are expensive, and sometimes looking for a replacement can take time. So if you can just breathe new life into the one you have, it will not only save you money but also time. All you need is knowledge, luckily this is readily available, and the few tools and sometimes chemicals you will need are readily available also, some of them you can even make yourself for pennies.

2. You will help the environment. — Battery power is clean and cheap, and is probably the least environmentally contentious way to power almost anything you can mention. Unfortunately the cost comes at the point you throw them away. Batteries contain things that can prove difficult to dispose of or recycle cleanly, including heavy metals acids lead etc. Once made it makes sense to use them for as long as possible to reduce their environmental impact, and restoring them fulfills this aim.

3. You can make some money. — You can start a home business restoring batteries. This is one of the most unusual business models that I have ever seen, because it leaves everyone happy. First off you can get your raw materials free! People will give you batteries to work on and will be happy you are taking them away. All you have to do is work your magic, and resell the batteries once restored. They are as good as new, but cost far less than a new battery. Your end customer will be happy because they get a bargain.

You can complete the battery restoration process in your garage at home, and providing you follow a few safety guidelines there is no risk involved.

There are very few activities that we can undertake that have so many advantages like the ones shown above. When you recondition old batteries, at the very least your bank balance will thank you. How many other things can you think of where people will give you things for nothing that you can resell., and be happy you have taken them off their hands. Also when you resell them your customer will think they have got a great deal. Not only that but you are doing your bit to save the planet.

If you want to to discover more about how to restore or recondition old batteries that you thought were dead, and were going to throw away. Go to the
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10×14 Gable Shed Plans – Things to Consider in Building One

Building a gable shed can be an easy and straightforward task. Gable sheds unlike other intricate shed type are more common due to its classic and straightforward design. Thus, it’s the most common shed type we see. A good thing for you since there are lots of 10×14 gable shed plans available these days.

A 10×14 gable shed would definitely be a great addition in your property. Once you finish the shed, storage room would no longer be a worry since 10×14 shed would be lots of space for you to store your tools, equipment or anything that’s not used all the time in your house.

However, there are several aspects of the building process which you have to prepare and consider through. Some of these things are as follows:

Shed Building Permit

A 10×14 gable shed would most likely require a building permit. You can get the needed information regarding this in your local municipal building or the zoning department i your town.

To ensure that you meet the requirements needed to acquire a permit, make sure you are complying with the building code implemented in your state. Additionally, you have to make sure that the shed will not be built on a property line, septic tank or on wetlands. Otherwise, you’ll be having a hard time once the inspector check the building site of your shed.

Materials, Tools and Budget

You also need to prepare the tools and materials you’ll be needing during construction. If you can’t have all the materials all at once, at least make sure it is readily available whenever you need it.

As for the budget, it is always best that you have a clear idea on how much you’re going to spend on a project. Using the bills of materials in your plan, calculate the overall cost of the project just to have a ballpark amount. Otherwise, if you don’t have a budget, you may not be able to keep track of all your expenses and you’ll end up spending more than you have to.

10×14 Gable Shed Plans

Purchasing excellent 10×14 gable shed plans would enable you to effectively calculate the materials cost. I will also provide you the necessary permit drawings needed for your application of building permit.

Furthermore, a quality plan is what separates a successful woodworker to someone who commits lots of mistakes during construction. An easy to understand instruction together with an elaborate illustration is a very good indication of quality in blueprints. If you have this on hand, you’ll be able to do away with common glitches and finish the project faster.

So, if you’re in the process of going over 10×14 gable shed plans, I suggest you check out this really helpful resource here:


12×16 Shed Plans – DIY

Wanting to do it yourself might be one of the reasons why you want 12×16 shed plans. So, why would you want to DIY? One of the main reasons for this would be saving money. You can potentially save hundreds of dollars by building your own outbuilding versus buying on that was already built. Buying your own materials can help assure you that you are getting a good quality shed too. This is something you might not always be sure of when buying one no matter what the price is.

Choice of styles is another reason some might want 12×16 shed plans. You will not find too many choices at the store, though you can order some kits that come in a few varieties. These are usually pricey though, and you might not always get quality for price. There are so many websites out there on the web that offer plans that you should not have any problem finding some that suit your wants. In fact, the opposite might be true where you find yourself having difficulty picking just one.

No matter what your reasons, doing it yourself has quite a few benefits to your pocket book, the look and quality you can achieve, and the satisfaction you can get from getting it done. These plans are usually designed for the average person to use with instructions, material lists, and diagrams so you should not encounter too many problems along the way. You can definitely do a lot worse than building your own shed.

12×16 shed plans could come in handy for that DIY project. You can pick from all sorts. For more information
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10×16 Gambrel Shed Plans – Making a 10×16 Gambrel Shed Affordably

A Gambrel Shed is a typical shed which deviates from other shed designs especially when it comes to the roof. It is ideally suited for any whether is exceptionally useful as it allows the user to make a far better usage of space. A Gambrel Shed is a specially constructed shed which has two angles instead of just one. This gives the Gambrel shed a distinctive inverted ‘U’ shape. The advantage of having such a design is that it allows for more storage for less space.

There is a critical point where people tend to get stuck when trying to decide about making a shed in their backyard. As the market is flooded with Of the shelf sheds, people obviously are tempted to go in for them as these are very easy to build. In fact if you have the money for it, you have every right to purchase one of those. However be advised that these sheds are very expensive and usually cost between 2,000 to 3,500 dollars per set. Another disadvantage here is that these sheds do not allow you to make many amendments and/or changes as all the parts have already been cut. This, coupled with their expensive rates usually turns out to be the deal breaker for most people.

As an alternative, you can build one 10×16 Gambrel shed all by yourself. Now admittedly this sounds scary, especially if you have no prior experience in constructing sheds, however you should know that fundamentally there is no difference between constructing a shed yourself and installing a ready-made one apart from the fact that in the former you have to get the tools and materials yourself while in the latter you have the materials provided for you.

One of the greatest benefits of making a 10X16 Gambrel shed yourself is that it is much cheaper than the other option and you may easily save over 1,000 to 1,500 dollars doing so. So if you have decided to make a 10×16 Shed by yourself then you will first of, need to get some good Gambrel shed plans. These can either be sourced from the internet or a home improvement store. As these kind of sheds are ideally suited for larger spaces and greater storage, it will be best to get either a 10×12 or a 10×16 Gambrel shed plan.

After you have got your Gambrel shed plans you will need to get the materials. Doing so is not really that hard; all you have to do is stick to your plans as any plans will start out with a list of materials and tools needed for the job.

Woodworking is an Exciting and Engaging Hobby!

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10×12 Shed Plans – Off the Shelf Sheds Vs Build it From Scratch Sheds

When trying to make a 10×12 shed most people seem to go into an information overload regarding what they should or should not do. The number of options that they must consider seems daunting, the work endless, if this is your case then this article might clear up your doubts for you. One of the biggest decisions that people face when confronted with the need to make a large 10×12 shed is that whether they should simply buy a ready to assemble off the shelf shed or build one by themselves from the ground up. This is a very important part and it heavily depends upon your needs, requirements and purchasing power.

Case 1: When to get an Of the Shelf 10×12 Shed

If you have been pondering over the option of installing an of the shelf shed then there are a few things that you must know. Firstly of the shelf Do It Yourself Sheds are expensive, which is what turn many people to look for alternatives. However they are as easy as it gets as far as installing them is concerned. There are many companies which will even offer to install the shed for you! So obviously if you are low on time and are not too choosy as to what kind of a shed you want, nothing can beat a ready to assemble storage shed. However, on the other hand if you have a particular requirement and/or are exacting in your demands then these sheds are definitely not for you. Another deal breaker might be the costs involved here; at hundreds to thousands of dollars per set, of the shelf sheds costs are a lot higher than what the average can afford, so look up the offerings in your local home improvement section carefully.

Case 2: Making A 10×12 Shed from the Ground Up

As an alternative to making a ready to assemble shed, you can make one yourself. Now at first this seem like a daunting task. However it really is not. The simple difference between an Of the shelf 10×12 shed and a built from scratch one is that in the former has all the material cut and packed for you and in the latter you have to get it yourself. However in doing so you can control the costs and bring them down which is the main advantage of building a 10×12 shed yourself. A self-made 10×12 shed also allow you to exercise a greater degree of creativity so that your shed ends up looking more like you would like it to.

One important thing that you need to remember is to get some good 10×12 shed plans so that your shed making experience goes smoothly. Sheds basically come in 4 flavors – Gable, Gambrel, Lean and Salt Box. Since a 10×12 shed is a reasonably big construction it will be wise to look at either Gable or the Gambrel type of sheds as these are ideally suited for the task.

Woodworking is an Exciting and Engaging Hobby!

You can find over 12,000 Shed Plans for any and every kind Of shed Over Here [http://my-shed-plans.info].

Alternatively, You can read more on how to start into woodworking and also check out some great resources at my page on
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10 Things To Remember When Installing Tile Flooring

As anyone knows who has ever carried out a remodeling project in their homes, this undertaking can be very expensive. But if you can do a lot of work yourself then you can actually save yourself money. One particular project you may want to try for yourself is to install tile flooring as this could end up saving you a lot of dollars in the long run.

If you were to contact one of the many flooring installation contractors that you see advertised in your local newspaper or phone directory, you may find that they will charge you an extortionate amount of money to do the work for you. However, by following the 10 points that we provide below you should be able to install tile flooring that not only looks great but which will get your friends and family talking about every time they see it.

1. First off buy yourself a good set of knee pads which you can purchase from any good quality DIY or hardware store. Not only will your knees be thanking you but the rest of your body will as well.

2. Before you start laying the first tile spend a lot of time working on the layout of the tile flooring. You don’t want to find yourself in a position where you have just laid the last tile only to find that you have made a mistake at the beginning and so you need to tear it all back up again. Taking a little extra time on working on the layout will save you a lot of heartache as well as headaches in the future.

3. At all times follow the recommendations made by the manufacturer with regard to the installation of their tile flooring product. These people have been in the business for a long time and they know what works and what doesn’t.

4. Now you are going to start to install the tile flooring but take your time over it. A rushed job will end up becoming a botched job and could result in you having to take up and re-lay the flooring again.

5. Only lay the tile flooring when you are well rested and are able to fully concentrate on the project.

6. Buy the tools which are best for the job. Although you may think this is a waste of good money you never know you may want to use them again in the future.

7. When getting your tools and materials, ask questions of the staff in the hardware or DIY store. Remember they are actually paid to help and will probably have some knowledge on the project that you are going to be carrying out.

8. Make sure that your workspace remains clean. Not only will this ensure that your tile flooring will last longer but it will also keep you safe while you are working.

9. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. The more tiles that you lay, the better you will get at it. So when you first start to install tile flooring choose an area where it is less noticeable or where less people are likely to walk past it.

10. The final point is pay attention to the detail. By doing this you will not just have a nice looking tile flooring but a great one.

Keep these points in mind when you start to install tile flooring and you will be amazed at just how easy it is and just how great it looks once completed – and think of all that money you have saved as well.

Ernest Jarquio is a dedicated family man hopelessly addicted to do-it-yourself projects. For more information, visit his website, where he discusses various subjects such as installing tile flooring [http://www.flooring2roof.com/installing-tile-flooring.html], garage tile flooring [http://www.flooring2roof.com/] and cheap flooring tile [http://www.flooring2roof.com/tile-flooring.html]. Read various articles on the different aspects of hardwood, bamboo, laminate, tile and vinyl flooring.

3 Facts About Electromagnetic Energy – Best Alternative Energy Source for Our Energy Crisis?

When you first heard of electromagnetic energy you possibly had no idea what it even was. Maybe it has something to do with magnets? Maybe even a collection of giant Magnets! Jk But if you had any idea on the true understanding of this energy source you would be amazed.

Fact #1: Electromagnetic radiation causes both electric and magnetic fields at all times. So this is how we begin to understand it true power.

Fact #2: It was first recorded by Hans Christian Orsted, a Danish physicist and chemist. He discovered it by using his compass and then turning on the battery!

Fact #3: There are 9 types of electromagnetic waves which produce energy and can be used for different purpose’s other then power your home.

I’m telling you these Facts because I want to let you know that this is real and not something make believe or some gimmick. This is a awesome energy source that has been purposely surpassed by unknown people, but their are theories behind it. This source has been used before by civilization and was able to give power for them as well. As to what they were powering scientist are still debating to this day but we do know for a fact that it has been used.

How could such a cheap and limitless power supply just be forgotten and vanish, you ask? Well just think about that for a second and you should realize that the energy business is a trillion dollar a year business! Now that’s a lot of money to risk if the masses discover a free way to power their homes,cars, or anything else that might need energy.

Slowly but surly we as a great country are coming to terms with our energy crisis. Yet is the government moving to slow to actually turn it around so millions of Americans will not have to go cold,starve, and lastly die because of not enough power to go around. You may be thinking that can’t happen in the USA but you are dead wrong my friend. Recently in California that was a blackout that lasted weeks because of power outages caused by not enough supply. I could go on and on with different instances of energy shortages being a real and scary problem for states, countries, and even The US of A.

How well do you feel right now that if the power to your house would be shut off, you could survive? That your groceries would last, your lights could turn back on, or how long could you keep warm in the winter? Can you really say right now that life would be fine and dandy for you. If so great job and keep up the good work. But if not? Join the millions of others whose lives depend on our power being provided for us, at a steep, growing cost, but nonetheless.

Prepare now while we still can, because who can honestly say what will come tomorrow or the next day. No one that who. So instead of waiting around for our government or others to fix this growing problem lets take charge ourselves! Become independent and live freely off the grid once and for all.

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3 Tips for Storing Home Improvement Tools

Are you intending to do a mini renovation of your house? Be it a full scale renovation or a small one, you need some handy tools to help you out. Selecting the right tools is extremely important as they can make everything seem so easy. From a simple handheld drill driver to a saw, you need to get the best out of them. After all the renovations have been completed, you do not simply throw the tools away. Some of them can cost quite a fair bit of money. You need to store them in the correct place to ensure that they are kept in the best condition possible. Let’s discuss some protection tips on how to store these awesome tools.


Glues are an indispensable part of any home improvement tools and you need them especially when you are trying to decorate your home. However, glue tends to dry up rather easily and once they are hardened, it becomes practically useless. Glues will harden even if they are not opened. Always store glue products in a cool and dry place as heat will cause the polymers to start crosslinking with each other, causing them to gel up and harden. You need to remember to keep glue in an upright position. Some people also tend to store glue in a refrigerator and there have been amazing results from that.

Handheld driller

A handheld driller is a convenient way to add fixtures to your home. With more families being much more cost conscious nowadays, many people tend to purchase furniture that are not fixed. As a result, they will need to fix it up themselves which gives them the flexibility. After usage, the handheld driller needs to be stored in a place that is cool and dry place. Always remove the batteries prior to storage so that the battery acid does not leak out. A cool and dry place is needed due to the electrical components in the driller as well as the steel drill bits. A hot and moisture rich place will cause corrosion to accelerate and replacing a drill bit costs a lot of money.

Nail gun

You cannot do without a nail gun if you need to hang pictures on the wall or putting together furniture. Although a hammer can do the job as well, it can cause damages to the furniture. Nail guns embed nails inside the intended object at an alarming speed, saving time and effort from other options such as hammering. Over time and environmental factors, the components inside the nail gun will start to corrode. This can lead to poorer results when using the nail gun. As such, you need to store nail guns in a place that is also dry and cool to slow down the corrosion process. You should also oil the gun after each use with a lubricant. Oil lubricants will reduce friction build up within the components and acts as a protective layer to prevent corrosion.

Most home improvement tools need to be stored in a place that is cool and dry to prevent premature corrosion and failure of the tools. Some of the tools do not come cheap so you should always store them in the correct place so that they can serve you for a longer time.

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