14 Home Maintenance Tips

We tend to overlook home maintenance. Between our chores everyday and responsibilities of cleaning, doing laundry, cooking, and other tasks each week, maintenance often falls by the wayside. However, maintenance work is extremely important.

Just like your precious car, your house and your property need regular fine tuning. For a lot of people, maintaining their homes is very difficult to do. Many people find it time-consuming. But as long as you continue thinking that it’s a boring and hard task to do, you will never have fun tuning-up your home.

To help you start with your home maintenance tasks, here is a simple checklist.

1. Replace your furnace filters and do this seasonally.

2. Clean the air conditioner grill and register regularly.

3. Vacuum condenser coils found at the fridge’s back. Do this yearly.

4. Your front door also needs some cleaning. Polish it if it’s made of natural wood. If it’s painted, you can wash the surface.

5. Replace the batteries in your smoke & carbon monoxide detector machine yearly. Dust and check the machine at least twice each year.

6. Clean your oven. Technically, cleaning the oven takes a few hours. However it would only take a few short minutes setting it up.

7. Don’t forget your coffeemaker, it deserves cleaning as well. This would normally take you more than ten minutes to clean but the steps below take only a minute or two:

– Fill the coffeemaker basin with one part white vinegar and two parts cold water and then brew.

– Then, pour the heated vinegar combined with water back into the basin after it brews the very first time and then run it through again.

– Next, discard the vinegar and fill the basin with cold water. Run the water through it. Discard the used water and then repeat, this time using fresh water.

8. Check the water heater if there is any leak or rust.

9. Check your kitchen’s exhaust hood. Clean it if it needs cleaning and don’t forget to replace the filter.

10. If there are extension cords that are worn out, you should replace them.

11. Check your furnace and see if there is any scale or rust. If you can hear weird noises, seek a professional inspector.

12. Pick a GFCI and check up on it. Ensure that anything fastened to this outlet won’t power on. Then, push reset and you’re ready to go. Next time, check another GFCI.

13. Do a safety check on your garage doors. Place it in manual form and then raise it. It must smoothly glide and remain open approximately 3 ft. from the floor.

14. Make sure to check the emergency flashlight. See if the batteries still are functioning. If the batteries don’t work, change them.

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