10×16 Gambrel Shed Plans – Making a 10×16 Gambrel Shed Affordably

A Gambrel Shed is a typical shed which deviates from other shed designs especially when it comes to the roof. It is ideally suited for any whether is exceptionally useful as it allows the user to make a far better usage of space. A Gambrel Shed is a specially constructed shed which has two angles instead of just one. This gives the Gambrel shed a distinctive inverted ‘U’ shape. The advantage of having such a design is that it allows for more storage for less space.

There is a critical point where people tend to get stuck when trying to decide about making a shed in their backyard. As the market is flooded with Of the shelf sheds, people obviously are tempted to go in for them as these are very easy to build. In fact if you have the money for it, you have every right to purchase one of those. However be advised that these sheds are very expensive and usually cost between 2,000 to 3,500 dollars per set. Another disadvantage here is that these sheds do not allow you to make many amendments and/or changes as all the parts have already been cut. This, coupled with their expensive rates usually turns out to be the deal breaker for most people.

As an alternative, you can build one 10×16 Gambrel shed all by yourself. Now admittedly this sounds scary, especially if you have no prior experience in constructing sheds, however you should know that fundamentally there is no difference between constructing a shed yourself and installing a ready-made one apart from the fact that in the former you have to get the tools and materials yourself while in the latter you have the materials provided for you.

One of the greatest benefits of making a 10X16 Gambrel shed yourself is that it is much cheaper than the other option and you may easily save over 1,000 to 1,500 dollars doing so. So if you have decided to make a 10×16 Shed by yourself then you will first of, need to get some good Gambrel shed plans. These can either be sourced from the internet or a home improvement store. As these kind of sheds are ideally suited for larger spaces and greater storage, it will be best to get either a 10×12 or a 10×16 Gambrel shed plan.

After you have got your Gambrel shed plans you will need to get the materials. Doing so is not really that hard; all you have to do is stick to your plans as any plans will start out with a list of materials and tools needed for the job.

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