10×12 Shed Plans – Why You Should Make a 10×12 Shed in Your Backyard

Making a 10×12 shed is a major investment both in terms of money and time. This is because this kind of shed is a fairly large construction and requires a big backyard or a garden to support it. A 10×12 shed is also material intensive and you will need a long list of materials before you are set to start making it.

However before you go about making the shed there are a few things that you will need to take care of. First off what kind of a shed do you want to build yourself. There are basically 4 types based on the kind of roofs – Gabel Roof Sheds, Gambrel Roof Sheds, Lean Roof Sheds and Salt Box Sheds.

Gabel roof sheds have a roof with two equal pitches which meet at the center of the shed, Gambrel Roof sheds have about four pitches which give it a ‘U’ shape, Lean Storage sheds have a single slanting roof while the salt box sheds have two unequal pitches as roofs; these are usually smaller than the rest in size.

If you want to make 10×12 storage shed for yourself then a Gabel or a Gambrel based design will be your best bet. These designs are well suited to any climate and also they offer ample room for any equipment that you might have. If you are looking to maximize the use of space in your shed then a Gambrel Roof Shed will absolutely be the best way to go as the ‘U’ shape is specifically designed for having more space.

The next thing that you need to occupy yourself with is to get hold of some good Storage shed plans. Storage Shed Plans can be sourced either from the internet or a local home improvement store. Getting good storage shed plans is critical to wards making a good shed as these help to maximize your efficiency, get exactly the right materials for your shed and help you plan out and visualize your shed; so be sure to spend some time getting some good plans.

Of course if you are short on time and do not want to go through all the hassle of making a shed from the ground up all by yourself then you can get a ready to assemble kit from the market. These do not take any time to set up and can save you a lot of effort especially when it comes to getting the materials and the plans. However the downside to them is that they do not allow much room for creativity and are much more expensive.

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