10×12 Shed Plans – How to Make the Most of Your Money

Making a 10×12 shed is not exactly a small task and requires a lot of time and financing to complete properly. It is always one of these two that scare people into inaction and they almost never get their 10×12 shed made. If this seems likely in your case then fear not! There are more ways to make a 10×12 shed than just buying the most expensive of the shelf ready to assemble solution out there.

As you may already know, you can very easily get a Do It Yourself, ready to assemble kit from the market and make a really nice shed for yourself in no time at all. The downside to this convenience is the costs which accompany it. Do It Yourself Shed Kits are really expensive and costs thousands of dollars. Also these kits offer little creative freedom to you as all the parts are already cut and sized for you. Thus these sheds are definitely for you if you are not short on money and are neither very choosy about what you want.

On the flip side you can make an entire shed all by yourself. Now I can imagine that seems like a very daunting to task (to say the least!), but just one second, have you thought exactly what is so hard here? I mean you will have to hammer and glue a regular of the shelf shed as well right? The paranoia that results is basically because of the thought of having no guidance and being all alone, and that can be very easily addressed.

There are many advantages of making a shed by yourself. The biggest advantage is that now that you are in charge, your spending is way more controlled as a result the costs will definitely come down. Also making a shed yourself means that you can give it an extra touch to make it truly yours. The first thing that you need to do here is to get a good set of 10×12 shed plans, these will easily address your fear of not knowing anything as you will almost instantly be swimming in ideas and will have more “aha” moments than you can count. Sheds basically are available in 4 types: Gable, Gambrel, Lean and Salt Box. Since a 10×12 shed is a fairly large construction you would be wise to get either a Gable or a Gambrel shed plan. You can get pretty good 10×12 shed plans either on the internet or any home improvement store.

After getting the plans you will need to get all the materials, this will be easy as no 10×12 shed plan will give you a list of materials and tools which any hardware store cannot provide. The most common materials used in sheds are: lumber, plywood sheets, nails, hinges, hammer, corrugated iron, tape measure, framing square, screw driver, a cross-cut or circular saw.

Woodworking is an Exciting and Engaging Hobby!

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