10 Safety Rules For Home Improvement Projects

You have probably been planning that kitchen or bathroom model for months, perhaps even years, so it is tempting to dive right in and start the project. But before you ruin your carefully chosen materials, or cause yourself a trip to the hospital emergency room, take a few moments to review these 10 safety tips.

1. Check on building codes before you start any home remodeling projects. Building codes are intended to protect you, your family and your home, which is probably your largest financial investment. Ignoring building codes can lead to personal peril and difficulty selling your property when buyers learn you skipped the permits.

2. Check your electrical system and make sure it is able to handle power tools. Don’t overload your circuit and make sure your outlets and power tools are properly grounded.

3. Take a few extra minutes to read the manufacturer’s instructions before you start. Pay special attention to any warnings that are listed.

4. If using a table saw for your project, always employ the use of hold-downs and push sticks to keep your fingers out of harm’s way.

5. Respect the limitations of your power tools and don’t ask them to do more than they were designed to do.

6. Never use a power saw to cut tiny pieces of wood or tile. It is better to cut small pieces off of a larger piece of material.

7. When using a drill with larger size bits, always make use of the auxiliary handle to control the extra torque.

8. When cutting small pieces with a power saw, always clamp them tightly to a solid work surface to avid slippage.

9. Double check that all adjustments are locked before cutting with a power tool. The rip fence on a table saw or the bevel adjustment on a portable saw should be firmly locked in place before the power is turned on.

10. Unplug the power before changing a drill bit or saw blade. It is not sufficient to merely turn off the switch, as you may accidentally hit it while changing the blade.

These are just a few of the safety tips you need to keep in mind while tackling that home improvement project. The most important tip is to use your common sense and to avoid short cuts that create unnecessary risks. Remember, you won’t be able to enjoy that new kitchen remodel from your hospital bed!

The author enjoys all types of home improvement projects. She recently learned how to use a tile saw [http://tilewetsaw.net] and is ready to install a new tile backsplash in her oh-so-70’s kitchen.